Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Development Studies

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        Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Development Studies

The need to integrate gender concerns in all situations of development interventions has been focus of many development efforts throughout the world over the last few decades.  The reason for the concern is the need to work towards a more equitable gender balance in all sectors of the economy and in different facets of life.

The Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Development at the Institute of Anthropology, Gender and  African Studies is a degree programme designed and developed to articulate gender and development issues in a changing political, socio-economic and cultural environment.  At a more theoretical level, the programme seeks to provide a deeper understanding of an evolving gender system as a socially constructed system of hierarchical relationships which are manifested differently under diverse cultural contexts.  At the level of intervention, the focus is on how development partners can be sensitized and encouraged to increase their support for and commitment to the promotion of gender equity through a variety of gender responsive policies and programmes and also to develop strategies to accelerate and institutionalize the process of gender mainstreaming.  The overarching concern here is that the goal of sustainable development cannot be achieved without the full participation of men and women as equal partners in the development and decision-making processes at all levels.  A persistent challenge is how to overcome the constraints that limit women’s access to resources and participation in the development process on equitable and democratic bases through continuous gender negotiations.


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