Archaeology and Prehistory

Temple of hercules in Rome


This area of focus is concerned with the nature and scope of archaeology and prehistory; the variety of archaeological evidence in time and space. We are also concerned with data collection and analysis in regard to the social organization, subsistence and diet as well as political organization, religion and ritual. We also conduct original research in art and symbolism together with environmental reconstruction in regard to intangible aspects. Students and researcher are offered an opportunity to examine and analyse the approaches to managing the past spatial frameworks and behaviour, synthesis and interpretation of archaeology and the public.

These are the courses undertaken in this thematic area:

  • NAF 600 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Anthropology          
  • NAF 601 Anthropological Theory                                                                               
  • NAF 602  Social Science Research Methods                                                     
  • NAF 603  Statistics for Social Sciences                         
  • NAF 652  Research Methods in Archaeology                          
  • NAF 653 Explanation in Archaeology                                                            
  • NAF 654 Developments in Archaeological Thought                                      
  • NAF 655 Formation Processes of the Archaeological Record                        
  • NAF 656 Archaeology as Human Ecology                                                                 
  • NAF 657 Archaeology and Gender                                                                             
  • NAF 658 The Individual in Prehistory                                                            
  • NAF 659 Archaeological Curatorship                                                             
  • NAF 660 Dating Methods in Archaeology                                                                  
  • NAF 661 Society in Prehistory                                                                         
  • NAF 662 Terminal Pleistocene and Holocene Archaeology of the World.



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