Anthropology of Children and Childhood

We examine the Anthropological approaches to the study of children and childhood. Research and teaching in looks at childhood where it is examined as a social and historical construction, and children are analyzed as active contributors to their social worlds. Students are encouraged to analyse cross-cultural ethnographic material relating to children and how youth is critically read and discussed.

These are courses undertaken in this thematic area

  • NAF 600 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Anthropology          
  • NAF 601 Anthropological Theory                                                                               
  • NAF 602 Social Science Research Methods                                                     
  • NAF 603 Statistics for Social Sciences 
  • NAF 663 Anthropology of Childhood                                                                         
  • NAF 664 Child Development                                                                                      
  • NAF 665 Culture and Childcare                                                                                  
  • NAF 666 Children's Cultures                                                                                       
  • NAF 667 Children and Schooling                                                                                
  • NAF 668 Children in Health and Sickness                                                                 
  • NAF 669 Children and Social Change                                         
  • NAF 670 Children in Especially Difficult Situations                                                  
  • NAF 671 Child Abuse                                                                                                  
  • NAF 672 Children and the Media                                                                               
  • NAF 673 Children and the Law