Heritage Management

This area of focus offers professionals and non-professionals who are interested in heritage and museum a chance to tackle development issues related to heritage management. It allows them to acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and use the cultural heritage to ensure its conservation and integration in the development of society.

The objective of the programme is to provide students with skills to enable them to:-

  • Assess the conditions and needs of a collection taking into account its context, history and use.
  • Conceive, plan, design and implement programmes that raise the standard and role of conservation in their museums/ heritage institutions, taking into consideration historical and developmental contexts.


Below are courses offered in thematic area of Heritage Management

  • NMS 501 History, Theory and Management of Museums and Heritage Institutions.
  • NMS 502 Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Community involvement.
  • NMS 503 Principles of Conservation.
  • NMS 504 Research methods in Museology.
  • NMS 505 Conservation in practice.
  • NMS 507 Documenting Museum and Heritage.
  • NMS 508 Project Design for Museum Development.
  • NMS 509 Education and Heritage.
  • NMS 510 Exhibition and use of Space.



Provincial Administration

Government Ministries

Non-Governmental Organizations

Trans-National Corporations

state Corporations

Local firms

International firms