Rift Valley Fever in Focus: Combating the Outbreak through One Health Collaboration

February 9, 6:00 am

Virtual- Zoom



Virtual- Zoom

Date: Friday, 9th February Time: 7:00 - 8:30AM EAT In light of the ongoing Rift Valley Fever (RVF) outbreak in Kenya, we are launching a timely webinar series on Capacitating One Health in Eastern and Southern Africa. The session on 9th February at 7 AM, is dedicated to addressing the current outbreak, offering insights into its epidemiology, sociocultural dynamics, and the concerted response efforts required.
Opening Remarks and Session Chair:

Dr. Marianne Mureithi: Session Chair

Prof. Omu Anzala Opening Remarks: Integrating Human, Animal, and Environmental Health Strategies to Combat Rift Valley Fever
Featured Speakers:

Dr. Bernard Bett will delve into "The Epidemiology of the Rift Valley Fever Outbreak in Kenya," providing a detailed analysis based on his extensive experience in infectious disease epidemiology and his role at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

Prof. Salome Bukachi will explore "Sociocultural Responses to the Rift Valley Fever Outbreak in Kenya." As an Associate Professor with a PhD in Medical Anthropology, Prof. Bukachi brings a wealth of knowledge on community practices and perceptions that influence outbreak response and management.

Dr. Evans Mwangi will present on "The Environmental Aspects of RVF," offering a unique perspective on how environmental factors contribute to the spread and control of the disease.
This webinar series aims to foster an integrated One Health approach to the RVF outbreak, encouraging collaboration among experts in human, animal, and environmental health. By understanding the outbreak's epidemiological trends, sociocultural factors and environmental aspects, we can enhance our collective response and mitigation strategies.
Join Us:
Don't miss this critical opportunity to contribute to the understanding and management of the RVF outbreak in Kenya. This series promises to be a vital platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and strategies to combat zoonotic diseases through interdisciplinary collaboration.
Engage with leading experts and play a part in the ongoing efforts to control the Rift Valley fever outbreak in Kenya. Your participation is crucial to advancing the One Health initiative and improving public health outcomes. Click here to join at the start time of the webinar