Development Anthropology

We are concerned with the role and contribution of anthropological approaches to development. The particular focus is on the problematic relationship between anthropology and development. We further delve into to changes in anthropology and the tenets of modernization and development discourse, including a fostering of critical "institutional" ethnographies on dominant development models and practices.


NAF 600 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Anthropology,                     

NAF 601 Anthropological Theory,                                                                              

NAF 602 Social Science Research Methods.                                                    

NAF 603 Statistics for Social Sciences.

NAF 618 Theories and Concepts of Development.                                       

NAF 619 Culture and Development.                                                                         

NAF 620 Gender and development.                                                                           

NAF 621 Leadership and Development in Africa.                                                    

NAF 622 Sustainable Development.                                                                           

NAF 623 Applied Anthropology and Development.                                                

NAF 624I ssues in Rural Development.                                                                     

NAF 625 Urbanization and Development.                                                                

NAF 626 Poverty Reduction and Development.                                                       

NAF 627 Globalisation and Development.                                                                 

NAF 628 Anthropology and Politics of Development.                                   

NAF 629 Tourism and Development.                                                                         

NAF 630 Participatory Development Approaches.                                                    


Careers: Anthropology Graduates

Provincial Administration

Government Ministries

Non-Governmental Organizations

Trans-National Corporations

State Corporations

Local firms

International firms