Language, Culture and Society

In this area teaching and research focus on the interaction between culture, language and society. We also focus on individual, agency and society, including concepts of identity, and social action, social institutions, urban, rural and global societies. The institute offers students and researchers an innovative environment that also critically looks at academic and professional discourses, including context, structure, organisation, and purpose of academic texts, language and interaction, including critical analysis of language choices in diverse social and cultural contexts, intercultural communication, perspectives on research practice in multiple disciplines.

These are the courses undertaken in this thematic area:


NAF 600 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Anthropology                 

NAF 601 Anthropological Theory                                                                           

NAF 602 Social Science Research Methods                                                            

NAF 603 Statistics for Social Sciences

NAF 631 Ethnography of Speaking                                                            

NAF 632 Types and Extent of Linguistic Diversity                                                

NAF 633 Code-Switching                                                                                        

NAF 634 The Languages of Africa                                                              

NAF 635 Special Forms of Language                                                                      

NAF 636 The role of Language in Development                                                    

NAF 637 Intercultural Communication                                                                  

NAF 638 The Language Situation in Kenya                                                           

NAF 639 Ethnosemantics                                                                                         

NAF 640 Historical and Comparative Linguistics                                                 

NAF 641 Folklore



Provincial Administration

Government Ministries

Non-Governmental Organizations

Trans-National Corporations

state Corporations

Local firms

International firms