Anthropology of Conservation

The programme encourages a critical perspective on the practice and epistemology of conservation and anthropology, paving the way for the integration of the two disciplines methodologically and theoretically. We pay particular attention to the inter-relationship between local/indigenous populations and environmental groups, policy-makers, legislators, and institutions concerned with the protection of the environment (for example, natural parks or green development projects). In teaching and research we explore themes such as human-animal conflicts, environmental politics, disputes over fragile environments, attitudes to conservation among indigenous groups, and indigenous environmental knowledge and practices.

These are the courses undertaken in this thematic area:

  • NAF 600 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Anthropology          
  • NAF 601 Anthropological Theory                                                                               
  • NAF 602 Social Science Research Methods                                                     
  • NAF 603 Statistics for Social Sciences
  • NAF 674 Society and Natural Resources                                                                    
  • NAF 675 Society and Environment                                                                             
  • NAF 676 Social Ecology, Community Forestry and Place-Based Environmentalism           
  • NAF 677 Environmental Ethics                                                                                   
  • NAF 678 Management of Conservation Programmes                                               
  • NAF 679 Environment, Development and Social Movements                                  
  • NAF 680 Environmental Justice                                                                                  
  • NAF 681 Language and Biodiversity  Ecosystem
  • NAF 682 Global and Local Approaches to Urban                                  
  • NAF 683 Agriculture and the Environment