Thematic Area - Gender and Development Studies

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This area is for students and researchers who are interested in gaining skills and knowledge in gender and development issues. Teaching and research focuses on mainstreaming gender into development planning, programming and policy implementation to achieve gender analysis and practical skills as constructive approaches to reforming development practice towards more equitable and sustainable outcomes. Our purpose is to relate different analytical and policy concerns raised in gender and development to specific sectoral plans and policies at all levels and stages of development interventions.


Courses under the Thematic Area:

NGE 101 Introduction to Gender and Development Studies

NGE 102 Gender and Culture

NGE 103 Gender Division of Labor

NGE 104 Introduction to Anthropology to Anthropology

NGE 105 Inter-displinary Approaches to Gender Studies

NGE 106 Cultural Anthropology

NGE 107 Mainstreaminf Gender into Development Process

NGE 108 Gender Analysis in Cross-Cultural Pespective Pespactive

NGE 109 Women and the Democratization process

NGE 110 Gender and Homelessness

NGE 111 Introduction to Ethnology

NGE 112 Gender and Entrpreneuship

NGE 201 Gender and Agricultural Development

NGE 202 Gender and Poverty

NGE 203 Gender and Employment

NGE 204 Gender and Governance

NGE 205 Comparative Ethnography

NGE 206 Ecological Anthropology

NGE 207 Gender and Shelter

NGE 208 Gender and Sustainable Development

NGE 209 Gender and politics

NGE 210 Gender and Education

NGE 211 Gender-Sensitive Language

NGE 212 Ethnology of African Studies

NGE 301 Gender and Health

NGE 302 Theoretical Perspectives in Gender Studies

NGE 303 Gender and Community Development

NGE 304 Gender-Based Violence

NGE 305 Gender and Communication

NGE 306 Economic  Anthropology

NGE 307 Gender and Law

NGE 308 Gender and Environmental Management

NGE 309 Gender and Migration

NGE 310 Gender and technology

NGE 311 Women's Development Organizations in a changing world

NGE 312 Family and Kinship

NGE 401 Gender and Reproductive Health

NGE 402 Gender and Media

NGE 403 Gender Research methodology

NGE 404 Gender and pastoralism

NGE 405 Gender and Armed Conflict

NGE 406 Cultural Context of Nutrition

NGE 407 Gender, Power and Decision Making

NGE 408 Gender and Tourism

NGE 409 The impact of Development on Gender Roles and Relations

NGE 410 Cultural Change and Development

NGE 411 Gender in Third World

NGE 412 gender and medicalPluralism

NGE 413 Gender and Aging

NDG 600 Concepts In Gender Analysis

NDG 601 Gender Mainstreaming

NDG 602 Gender And Development Theory

NDG 603 Research Methods In Gender

NDG 604 Theoretical prespectives in Gender discourse

NDG 605 Gender, Education And Training

NDG 606 Media, Literary Works And Gender

NDG 607 Gender Based Violence

NDG 618 Gender Issues In Cross-cultural Perspectives

NAF 666 Children's Cultures

NDG 609 Gender, Poverty And Sustainable Livelihoods

NDG 610 Religion and Gender

NDG 611 gender and law

NDG 612 Democracy, Political partcipation and Gender

NDG 613 gender Language and Socialization

NDG 614 changing gender role and Relations

NDG 615 Gender and Poverty reduction strategies

NDG 616 gender and Reproductive health

NDG 617 Gender and technology Transfer

NDG 618 Gender Issues in Cross-cultural Studies

NDG 619 gender and Urban Development

NDG 620 Gender and Global Communication Network

621 Gender and natural Resource management

NDG 621 research Project




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