Thematic - Physical/Biological Anthropology

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Thematic head – Mr Mulu Muia







We are concerned with the fundamental questions of what it means to be human and how we became human. We strive to draw upon data from many fields to provide scientific answers to those questions. We delve into the nature of the scientific process that continuously refines our ideas with new information and new insights that add to their accuracy. We draw from debates and discourses in a challenging process know more about the ultimate intelligence test for our species is to understand ourselves. In the process we provide students with an opportunity to understand the history of our species and our planet as well as the physical processes that have shaped our landscape and the biological processes that has shaped our lives.


Below are courses offered:

NAF 600 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Anthropology                 

NAF601 Anthropological Theory                                                                           

NAF602 Social Science Research Methods                                                            

NAF603 Statistics for Social Sciences

NAF642 Palaeoanthropology                                                         

NAF643 Primate Socioecology                                                                                

NAF644 Advanced Human Evolution                                                                  

NAF645 Genetics and Society                                                                                 

NAF646 Population Genetics                                                                                              

NAF647 Genetics Counselling                                                                                

NAF648 Human Skeletal and Dental Biology                                                       

NAF649 Nutrition and Population Health Assessment                                        

NAF650 Human Growth and Constitution                                                                       

NAF651 Human Genetics and Biochemical Anthropology                                  







Job Opportunities: Anthropology Graduates

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Government Ministries

Non-Governmental Organizations

Trans-National Corporations

state Corporations

Local firms

International firms


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IAS Museum Hill
Tel: 254-20-2085530/2085531/2082545


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