Gender disparity among entrepreneurs with disabilities in Kangemi Market, Nairobi County

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Gender disparities in terms of opportunities, security, ana 'participation have become important issues for developing economies because of their potential effects on both sustainable growth and poverty reduction in an economy. People with disabilities have many challenges in their quest to become entrepreneurs. The objectives of the study was to determine the influence of social culture - which includes customs, languages, attitudes, social institutions, status symbols, and religious beliefs that influence the entrepreneurial behaviour; to assess the influence of capital accessibility and, influence of support of services on PWD in Kangemi market, Kenya. The study population included both men and women entrepreneurs with disabilities aged between 20 and 60 years trading and living in Kangemi. The sample size was 30 entrepreneurs with disabilities out of whom 20 filled and returned making the response rate of 67%. The study used a descriptive research design. Data were collected through the administration of semi-structured questionnaires that enabled a one-on-one face to face semi-structured interview. Study indicate that social culture affects ones engagement in business. Other factors include family roles, personal savings and accessible over other sources and, donations from NGOs were the least accessible. The study concludes that social culture affected engagement in business. Gender biases no longer affect performance, while family roles affect business performance. The study further concludes that personal savings was the most preferred and accessible means over other sources of raising capital by the PWDs. It recommends that government should increase their awareness on the support to the PWDs through the ministry concerned. It also recommends that NGOs whose function is to assist the PWDs should also enhance their awareness in business and their support to the group through the effective channels

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