Male youth predisposition to drug and substance abuse in Dagoretti District, Nairobi County

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This was a cross-sectional descriptive study on male-youth predisposition to drug and substance abuse in Dagoretti district. In the study, a close examination of the types of drugs and substances abused by the male youths in Dagoretti and the effects of drugs and substance abuse on male youth in Dagoretti district were conducted. The study was deemed important in providing strategic and evidence-based approaches in dealing with drugs and substance abuse amongst male youth in Dagoretti district. The study used social cognitive learning theory in the diagnosis of drugs and substance abuse. The study used simple random sampling to select respondents for the survey questionnaires while purposive sampling was used to select key informants and persons for case narratives. Data was collected through surveys and key informant interviews alongside case narratives. Analysis was done through the use of SPSS and thematic approach for the qualitative data. The findings indicate that Drugs and Substance Abuse have been closely associated with peer pressure which easily drives them into DSA. The average age of drug and substance abuse in the district is 20 years with an increase from 49.4% to 54% which is a statistical significance in the amount of drug abuse. In most of these situations, parents and other guardians lack the skills to intervene. The study concludes that Drug and substance abuse has high prevalence in Dagoretti and affects both in-school and out of school youths in the district. The average age at which the drug abuse peaks is established to be 20 years amongst the male youths while the least age at the start of drug abuse in this study is 15 years. Alcohol, tobacco and khat are the most abused drugs in the district given their availability and the legal status that the drugs enjoy in the country. However, bhang, cocaine and Mandrax are abused on the least volumes due to their inaccessibility and the illegal status of these hard substances Community drugs and substances awareness campaign systematically designed to address the plight of the youths should be emphasised through NACADA and the local community based organisations dealing with drug issaes in the district as well as school-based drug prevention and awareness programmes should be undertaken by the ministry of education in collaboration with NACADA to address the drug menace amongst the out-school and in-school youths in Dagoretti district

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