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       Message from the patron


                                      Dr. Jared Siso

University of Nairobi Anthropology Students Association (UNASA) is a vibrant student-run professional body whose aim is to Link its members with research and policy industry professionals and to compliment student’s classroom theory with important thinking and development trends in the development sector.

The purpose of the organization is to empower all anthropology students with knowledge, application and exposure to the research and policy world as well as promote anthropology as a career and improve the potential of its members as future anthropologists in the local and international arena. The organisation also endeavors to instill diligence, hard work and discipline among members and create a sense of communal and social responsibility thereby providing the industry partners with consistently high qualified graduates.

As the patron of the association, mine is to welcome you all to this wonderful association and to the world of young anthropologists with diverse ideas on that will confront challenges that human beings face in diverse contexts.


    Message from Chairman


                                    Mr.Fernandos Ongoli

The University of Nairobi Anthropology Students Association (UNASA is a professional body registered under the office of the dean of students of the university. The association’s vision is to have a credible organisation for Anthropology and Anthropology related students for capacity building, networking and exposure into academic, research and policy world and to improve the socio-economic and academic welfare of its members.

The principle aim of UNASA is to provide a platform for sharing ideas on Anthropological issues at the national and international levels. This has been necessitated by the realization of the considerable socio-economic and political challenges humanity. It is therefore imperative for UNASA to champion for the Socio-economic welfare strategies and polices.

The main objectives of the association include engaging members in community service, enlightening members on current socio-cultural, political and economic issues, to provide a forum for the members to acquire and share new skills and to develop leadership skills among its members. It is through UNASA that we aspire to produce holistic graduates who will be competitive in the job market through the application of their acquired skills and knowledge.

About us

We are a student organization representing the academic, social and developmental needs of Anthropology students.

We aim to act as a link between the academic staff, industry and anthropology students through various platforms.

Key Objectives

Promoting and organizing co-curricular activities to facilitate free interaction and exploitation of talents among anthropology students.

Promoting intercultural exchanges to understand and appreciate other people’s way of life.

Collaborating with other organizations whose objectives and aims are akin to those in helping disseminate information on social problems to anthropology students.


          OFFICIALS 2013/2014


                                     ONGOLLY K. FERNANDOS             






                   MARION O. ANDONGO                 

                            VICE CHAIR  




                                   PETER K KIBE                                  

                             SECRETARY GENERAL 





                                     JOYCE WANGECHI MURIGI                    






                                   PHOEBE J. ASIMU                             

                               PUBLICITY SECRETARY                  



                                            FELIX NDOLI                              

                               ORGANIZING SECRETARY       





                                   ODIPO JACOB LOWEL SIWA          

                                       SOCIAL AFFAIRS                         




                              COLLINS M AMUDAVA  (photo not available)                 

                                      ACADEMIC AFFAIRS    







                                DIANA ADEDE                              

                   COMMITTEEE REPRESENTATIVE     




                  ABRAHAM BRADELY WABOMBA    

                   COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVE    



Message from Director

Contact Us

P. O. Box 30197 - 00100
IAS Museum Hill
Tel: 254-20-2085530/2085531/2082545


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